Industrial centrifuges

Milk, whey, cream

Industrial centrifuges

Vegetable and industrial oils

Industrial centrifuges

Milk, whey, cream

Industrial centrifuges

Vegetable and industrial oils

Marco Mora’s centrifugal separators for dairy products

Since 1920 Marco Mora has become a supplier of industrial new and second-hand centrifugal separators for the processing of milk, cream, wine, oil, industrial oil, cereal oil and fruit juice.

Marco Mora’s machines are perfectly renewed and warranty equipped, you will save money on a perfectly functioning machine.


Our commercial proposal includes centrifugal separators, skimming machines, cleaners for milk, butter machines and other centrifugal separator machines for the production of milk, wine, industrial oils and fruit juices and other products.

We realize technical maintenance assistance and reparations of many types of industrial centrifuges.

Our warehouse has original and high quality non-original spare parts available, we deal with deliveries in all parts of the world, all you have to do is contact us directly.

We will promptly reply to any type of request in Italy, Europe and overseas.




Different centrifugal separators are available at our warehouse, we deal with the sale of milk, whey and cream separators, we renew industrial oil separators, fruit and vegetable juices separators, must and winemaking machines. We deal with worldwide delivery.



Thanks to our industrial skimming separator machines you will deal with the preparation of full cream milk semi-skimmed milk and totally-skimmed milk. Many of our skimming machines are ready to be delivered, we deal with the installation and maintenance of every type of skimming machine.

Bacteria removing


Bacteria removing separators guarantee the best hygienic conditions for products like milk and whey. These machines offer the most efficient process for the bacteria removal. The separators can eliminate bacteria and all their spores.

Continuous butter

making machines

We deal with the sale of butter making machines that transform the cream in butter. These machines are available in different dimensions, we deal with the installation of industrial machines and smaller ones. Our machines realize different butter portions, hotel portions and normal-size portions.



The automatic cleaners suggested by Marco Mora are studied to clean different liquids like milk, wine, fruit juices, oils and so on. To have a perfectly clean product entrust Marco Mora’s machines.  Our refurnished machines will guarantee you a high quality product.

Worldwide deliveries

Marco Mora’s machines are available wherever you need them. Marco Mora offers assistance and maintenance with original spare parts.
Thanks to centrifugal separators built for liquid-based applications, you will obtain a high-quality product.
Using the centrifugal force, they separate substances and solids from liquids, they are equally as effective at separating liquid mixtures at the same time as removing solids.
The fields of application for our centrifugal separators range from separating processes in the dairy industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industry through oil and fat recovery to the production of wine, beer, fruit and vegetable juices, and the processing of mineral oil and mineral oil products.
We realize reparations with original spare parts, every renewed machines is correctly updated and warranty equipped.
To know more about our machines and assistance, you can contact us directly.
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