What we mean with renewed machines

What we mean with renewed machines is:
 The machine is selected on the market according to certain important characteristics for us. We withdraw the machines, from our clients, with the guarantee that the machine has been regularly serviced;
 In our company, the machine is completely disassembled and every component from the mechanical parts to the drum is tested;
 We exclusively use original spare parts, including bearings with the degree of precision required by the manufacturer;
 The assembling is accurately done, with a control after the installation, with the appropriate tools and correct positioning of all components;
 The drum is checked meticulously. We do not take into consideration machines with excessive wear corrosion of the drum. In some cases, after all the checks, a balancing operation can be necessary. The balancing operation is divided into two phases: the first at low speed and the final one at a high speed;
 After the machine is reassembled and put into action in order to measure the vibration values in the six critic points. The review is considered complete when all the values
​​recorded at the critical points are less than 2 mm per second;
 The machine is powered by water to simulate a real production start. The final test is paired with the new electric panel with its PLC, which controls all the machine functions. The old engine is replaced with a latest-generation energy-saving one;
 Once the test is completed, we will fill in a report containing all the work done, all the replaced parts and all the vibration values. These characteristics guarantee the machine the long period of functioning;
 The machine can be pre-installed on a stainless steel frame with anti-vibration and height adjustable feet and with electric and water group manuvering.